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jack_luvxx's Journal

Siobhan McDermott
Hi! I'm Sibz. I love listening to music my favorite genre's are Metal, Rock, Rock-Pop and Rock punk. (I will listen to anything really.) I don't watch TV much but i watch Torchwood[mainly ♥♥] and Dr Who. I love Vampire and Were movies!! I am vegan and happy ^^

My favorite band is McFly!! My favorite colors are Black gold and silver. I love converse and Vans. I'm originally born in Essex...I try to hide my accent it doesn't really come out unless you make me really angry. Moved to Göteborg in Sweden with my mum ='[ miss you all.
^^Happens on Wednesday 13th February^^

If you want my e-mail ask.

Want it, Love it, Keep it. Live life to the fullest -

13/12/10 UPDATE: Been a while since I updated this crappy profile. Yeah so, I'm back in England. In my own flat, with my room mate Alex <3 Love him to bits.
I am a bit more mature now... I am not being rude saying that, I mean... looking back on old entries, I noticed how, well a bit childish i was. Don't get me wrong, I can still be childish, but I guess I have changed.

Anyhow, not much different, cept I am no longer Vegan. Not a bit difference I guess :/
Sibz xxx